Monday, December 5, 2011

Newsletter — Summer 2011

Welcome to Shradhanjali's Blog.

We inaugurate this blog by publishing extracts of our last Newsletter.

It has been a hot summer. But the wearing heat and dust of this season are greatly mitigated by the immense beauty of the blossoming trees around us. The glorious golden-yellow of the Copper pod (Peltaphorum pterocarpum) or the flaming orange-red of the Gulmohur (Delonix regia) light up the horizon and also the heart. And the lilting birdsong of innumerable feathered friends give it wing.
At Shradhanjali, we have sweated and struggled through unending power-cuts, but have also further explored new designs and styles for our product ranges. 

Table ware
Neemoli frolic – a playful, colourful theme with hand painted (stencil) neem sprigs and Vitex negundo or peepal (Ficus religiosa) leaves. Table mats, trays in all sizes and coasters are available in 5 colour collections.
Shweta kamal, Shweta neem - The white on white theme.
We continue this range of delicate stencil painting combined with Vitex negundo leaves; the lotus flower and the neem leaf, in shaded tints of white and grey, are transformed when lit up. Available in glassine and lokta papers, in 4 sizes of hanging lampshades, the candle shade and the small cube table lamp.

We continue the lotus theme on all-purpose notebooks in assorted sizes, along with other designs.

You can read our Newsletter by clicking here.

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